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Hello everybody,

I am one of those that are very unperfect: in first, I'm french! So excuse me in advance if you see hugly french words in some comments...

I arrived here looking for a way to create REAL alias to functions... Google passed this link: . It is missed!
I would like something like:
use "_2C" as 'print';, or define('_2C', 'print');, or alias('_2C', 'print');...
and then, to print could be written:
_2C("Hello, world!");

I am writing in PHP, a light PHP parser. For the pleasure, without trees, bisons and others yacks... :-) I could offer here a class manipulating symboles (or more generaly strings...). Saying "the one I use in this parser" will indicate what it does without the need of long explanations. Or, for those using PHP in command line, a very simple and usefull class for easy color printing output to the therminal.

I wait for your remarks,

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