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Encode_Decode shared by Happy 2012-01-12
Access: Friends only
MK SURVEY shared by mukulkhare 2011-08-20
Arabic Language Mail Support Problem(Urgent) shared by Mano 2011-08-03
Tags: Arabic support in windows mail problem
gaurav shared by gauravgarg 2011-05-18
passing html entities through libxml for php's XSLTProcessor shared by zweibieren 2011-04-11
Tags: HTML entities entity XML libxml php XSLTProcessor xsl
Sugerencia shared by Marius 2010-11-26
Tags: to regin
keyword shared by barzun 2010-07-23
Rejecting spammers shared by PatSerru 2010-07-12
Tags: spammers rejection
Parse HTML Table shared by showket 2010-02-04
music mp3 shared by lhindi007 2009-10-09
Access: Friends only
E-mail handeling PHP class shared by PatSerru 2009-08-24
Tags: multipart/alternative Multipart/Mixed
Symbols table manipulation PHP class shared by PatSerru 2009-07-29
Tags: symbols table, identifiers table, dicothomy seek
Online Code Searcher shared by riotctrl 2009-05-19
Tags: Searchable Search Code File Management shared by alejandrohip 2008-12-01
baseFunction shared by Upeksha 2008-11-27
Tags: baseFunction, import contacts
Get gmail contacts shared by Upeksha 2008-11-18
Tags: gmail, import contacts, curl
Get yahoo contacts shared by Upeksha 2008-11-18
Tags: yahoo, curl, import contacts
Simple Tree shared by regin 2008-10-23
Tags: php, tree, climb, children, structure
Bytes to megabytes MB shared by regin 2008-01-16
Tags: mb, bytes, format
Get protocol shared by regin 2008-01-02
Tags: ssl, http, https, protocol
Export mdb-file (access database) to mysql shared by regin 2007-12-20
Tags: access, mdb, mysql, export, odbc
Mysql column utf8 converter shared by regin 2007-12-14
Tags: utf8, mysql, php
Genitive shared by regin 2007-11-06
Tags: gettext, language, internationalization, genitive
calender shared by hamid_awais 2007-07-04
returning an array from function shared by hamid_awais 2007-07-04
Tags: arrays
arrays in php examples shared by hamid_awais 2007-07-04
Tags: arrays
Append file shared by regin 2007-04-09
Tags: htaccess, php, apache, append, preload
Select or deselect all checkboxes shared by regin 2007-03-13
Tags: javascript, checkbox, select
Download files as attachments shared by regin 2007-03-07
Tags: php, header, download, attachment
HTML to XML entity converter shared by Floriam 2007-03-05
Tags: php, xml, xhtml, entities
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