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Kun Tilbud
My new page in Danish, only offers:

Playing around
I created the site Annonce Listen - kØb og salg pÅ nettet some years ago... after a very slow start it has a pretty fine traction now - I still expect it

High Performance PHP: The low hanging fruit
Let pick some of the low hanging fruit for optimizing you PHP application or PHP framework or whatever PHP. 1. Install the  APC cache on your server. 2. D

WTF - Danish healthy food mark copies open source mark
The Danish Food Ministry just created a new mark to brand healthy food that is almost identical to the open source mark (I'd say copy) - from the picture

Another RUBY on Rails bitch slap - I suppose
"Choosing the right development language is critical to building a scalable startup. If you choose a platform that gets the product out the door quickly b

Why I do not buy at dell anymore
Last week I placed a 700 € order at Dell, checking up on it today it turns out that it has been cancelled - by dell. So I call to find out why it h

1 function out of 3000+
Hmmm... I just discovered another PHP function: fgetcsv() - Doh! - Csv parsing... There's so many goodies out t

How to Update PHP on Freebsd Using Ports
I have just been updating the PHP version on a clients server, they had been using ports to install PHP. Unfortunately I have little experience with Freeb

Shopping without the basket
During the last few weeks I've been on a project with a friend of mine... he's importing tea from China and wants to sell it in the UK. Cool - so he neede

Developers do not do design and designers do not do developing
At least that is my opinion, I'm not looking for a job... but silly people keeps asking for design.... How come people keep expecting these two things? Is

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