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I have just been updating the PHP version on a clients server, they had been using ports to install PHP. Unfortunately I have little experience with Freebsd and did not find a quick guide on how to do this using google.

So here's what I did, I hope somebody will find it usefull.

#1 Updating the ports database, command line.
$ portsnap fetch
$ portsnap extract

Now open the file: /usr/ports/lang/php5/Makefile in your editor of choice and make sure to include the libraries you need in the CONFIGURE_ARGS . Mine ended up looking like this (between other I had to remove --disable-all which means no session support among others):
        --with-layout=GNU \
        --with-config-file-scan-dir=${PREFIX}/etc/php \
        --enable-libxml \
        --with-mysql \
        --with-libxml-dir=${LOCALBASE} \
        --enable-reflection \

Continue command line:
$ cd /usr/ports/lang/php5/
$ make
$ make deinstall
(the last line removes the old installation of PHP)
$ make reinstall
$ httpd -k restart

And you are done.


If you need to configure the PHP-install later, remember to use:
$ make clean

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