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Crowbar Javascript Scraping Easy
Fooling around with a little scraper project of mine I found the Crowbar project. It is nice! - I lets you scrape a page with all the nasty javascript par

Penetration of email providers in Denmark
Checking up to find out who has the biggest penetration of emails users I checked up on the user base of one of my Danish websites: Domain(s) Percentage H

Ioncube amember and php 5.2.5
As of PHP 5.2.5 you can only load extensions using a filename, this means that applications (like amember) which store the ioncube loaders in a separate d

Obama the President of United Spam
After banning shit loads of republican spam on my private Reddit (Huckabee, Kucinich, Ron Paul), I forced my self to declare war on Obama and block all of

Looking for PHP security consultant
Choose Stefan Esser.... Go check the comments in this blog posting, form Stefan Esser: Chris Shiflett

Maps with locations
I don't looove Steve Jobs ( contrary most geeks I do have a REAL girlfriend). But his skills of being really convincing I do find unbelievable. Have a loo

PHP Upload Progress Meter (Bar)
I just spent some time looking around on google for the PHP extension to give users feedback on how far an upload is in PHP... and it was not that straigh

The join of using MVC-frameworks
Once again I've really felt the join of using my home made MVC-framework, building a site like: ( Advokater Her ) has just tak
There's still a few good domain names around I learned the other day. I was trying to find out where to buy .es domains and by accident I checked out if m

Parsing maildir files with ez
I'm haxing on yet another webmail, having created a mail parser once before for a proprietary system I did not want to do that again. Luckily EzComponents

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